Quick Reply Enhancements

Curious about the new quick reply enhancements added to the latest update to Glowfly? Checkout the visual walkthrough below on how to use the new features.  
To view the message history panel, simply drag to double bar graphic downwards. This will display the most recent message from the person whom you are messaging. To view older messages from the same person, simply swipe the panel to the right.
The new Direct Reply Widget for Glowfly will function just like the system direct message widget. The difference is that this will pull up a quick reply box rather than opening up your SMS app. To add a new contact shortcut to your home screen, look for 'Glowfly Direct Reply' in your list of widgets. Drag it to your home scree and then choose the contact you would like to set it for. You can do this for as many contacts as you like.

We have also added a “Donate” button to our site. 100% of donations will go directly to a cancer patient. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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